per year
  • Ongoing access to all projects with purchase of any service in the past year.
  • Search UniProt Reference Proteomes for supported assays.
  • Access to native raw files, mzML and mzID search outputs for supported assays.
  • Technical support via online support documentation only.
  • Everything in the Free plan
  • Ongoing access to all projects with continuous subscription.
  • Search UniProt Reference Proteomes, UniProtKB (Swiss-Prot & TrEMBL), NCBI RefSeq and select NCBI GenBank taxa libraries for supported assays.
  • Metaproteomic search support for NIH Human Microbiome Project libraries for supported assays.
  • Search organism-specific virus taxa for supported assays.
  • Search custom sequence libraries for supported assays.
  • Ticket-based project support within 1 year of project completion.
  • Support and maintenance for custom assays.
per year
  • Everything in the Plus plan
  • Ticket-based project support within 3 year of project completion.
  • Support and maintenance for specialized contract research projects.
  • Publication-quality methods write-up with each project.
  • Support for publication and grant application submissions.
  • Support for custom mass spectrometry data processing and data analysis.
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  • Pro access for all users at your institution.