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  • Global proteomic profiling for the rest of us
  • Most sample types assayed for $175
  • We report the number of proteins and peptides identified
  • Use this data to inform your purchase of the report appropriate to your samples
  • No requirement to purchase a report if the samples are not satisfactory
$100 per sample for 500 proteins
$200 per sample for 2,000 proteins
$300 per sample for over 2,000 proteins Cell - Proteomics Service Company Bioproximity

Global Proteomic Analysis and Profiling

Animation of Q-Exactive Orbitrap mass analyzer performing MS/MS. Image courtesy of Thermo Scientific.

  • Identify and quantify thousands of proteins
  • Fast assay - maximize sample count
  • Thermo Q-Exactive HF-X Orbitrap mass spectrometery
  • Pricing from $225, no minimums
  • Fast turnaround: next week for gel-based samples, the following week for other sample types
  • Add-on reports available for statistical tests of change, taxonomic classification and more

Protein Identification

Structure of protein - Proteomics Service Company Bioproximity
  • Identify 10 or 100 proteins in almost any protein-containing sample
  • Fast assay - maximize sample count
  • Thermo Q-Exactive HF-X Orbitrap mass spectrometery

The Q Exactive HF-X Mass Spectrometer

"The Q Exactive HF-X Mass Spectrometer uses a high-capacity transfer tube for maximum ion loading, an electrodynamic ion funnel that accomodates and transmits ions over a broader mass range, and a high-field Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap™ mass analyzer."

Pricing from $75 in-gel, $125 non-gel for 1 protein ID; $125 in-gel $175 non-gel for 100 protein IDs
  • Pricing from $75, no minimums
  • Fast turnaround: next week for gel-based samples, the following week for other sample types


Protein identification, Top 100 Proteins Proteomics service order sample
  • Fully-integrated, one-stop online system for ordering, shipping, support and data viewing and delivery
  • Fully-automated, logged tracking of your project status from ordering, to shipment location, sample prep, mass spec and data reporting
  • Pay by credit card, PO support, share quotes and invoices, easily send payment link to third-party payor
  • Order- and project-linked support for fast administrative or technical support that doesn't get lost in email threads
  • Request our shipping kit, or just get a shipping label to use with your own box
  • Online data viewing, or download to your desktop; access to raw data and search output files with paid plans
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Data Processing

  • Data is processed by assay-specific workflows on AWS, which means fast processing and secure, reliable data storage
  • Order add-on reports now or later, based on your sample results
  • Support for custom data processing workflows:
    • –   request specific changes to one of our workflows
    • –   develop a completely custom workflow for your samples
    • –   process your own data files with our workflows, or with custom workflows we develop for you
Fully-automated data processing and report delivery following assay completion


Proteomic service specific reports for LFQ assay Taxonomy report
  • High quality, use case-specific reports for every assay, designed to make the relevant data easily accessible
  • A selection of optional add-on reports for specialized data analysis, including statistical assessment of sample-wise comparisons, taxonomic classifications and more
  • Support for custom reports for paid plans:
    • –   anything from simple table alterations to publication-quality figures
    • –   Certificates of Analysis
    • –   highly-customized write-ups for quality control, sample validation, etc.
Proteomic assay report - Proteomics Service Company Bioproximity


Our work has contributed to publications in leading scientific journals
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