Proteomics Services
Bioproximity offers proteomic services: Protein Identification and quantitation by UPLC-MS/MS and LC-MS/MS, sequencing of proteins and protein complexes.

Global Proteomic Profiling
Global proteomic profiling is an unbiased, shotgun proteomic assay utilizing ultra-high pressure liquid chromatography. Identify and quantify thousands of proteins.

Protein Characterization Services
Rapid, exhaustive sequencing and characterization of proteins & protein complexes, sequence known monoclonal antibodies and protein therapeutics, De novo sequencing of unknown monoclonal antibodies.

Protein Identification Service
The GeLC-MS/MS express service enables identification of proteins in gel bands present at low to sub-nanogram quantities. Starting from $100 per sample.

Proteome Cluster
Proteome Cluster is a web-based, high-performance computing solution for searching tandem mass spectrometry data. Proteome Cluster is trouble-free and simple to use

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Bioproximity has been a provider of contract research, specializing in biological mass spectrometry and informatics, since 2008. We offer a broad range of proteomic services designed for specific applications.