Proteome Cluster

On-demand, scalable compute clusters for tandem mass spectrometry searches

Proteome Cluster is a web-based, high-performance computing solution for searching tandem mass spectrometry data. Searches are conducted on message passing interface (MPI) Beowulf compute clusters hosted on Amazon Web Services.

Proteome Cluster is featured in an AWS Case Study here.

Proteome Cluster currently supports four search algorithms:

  1. OMSSA
  2. X!Tandem
  3. X!Tandem using k-score
  4. X!Hunter

Search outputs for X! algorithms may be viewed on our hosted GPM server or downloaded. OMSSA outputs may be downloaded for viewing with OMSSA Browser.

Proteome Cluster is trouble-free:

Proteome Cluster is NOT a shared grid. Every search uses its own dedicated, transient cluster.

Proteome Cluster is simple to use:

  1. Upload your MGF, mzML or mzXML files.
  2. Select the runs you want to search.
  3. Select your saved search parameters.
  4. Select the number of nodes for the cluster and launch.
  5. View or download the search output.

Proteome Cluster allows users to save search parameters so that these do not need to be re-entered repeatedly. Search parameters may be downloaded as XML files and shared. If parameters are changed the old parameter settings are saved and maintained for reference.