Bioproximity proteome analysis and their costs

A list of our offerings is below. We also offer other peptide- and protein-based separations in conjunction with mass spectrometry, as well as method development for customized assays. Please note, there is a $400 minimum on any order.

GeLC-MS express

Select this service for mass spectrometry-based proteomic profiling and analysis of samples in gel band or gel spot formats. Request a free sample submission kit, complete with instructions, sample collection tubes and a pre-paid FedEx mailer to ship your samples to us. Results are returned in about one week.

Catalog No. Instrument LC-MS/MS Gradient Time Cost
121 LTQ Velos 30 min $100
123 Q-Exactive 30 min $200

Protein Identification and Characterization for Non-Gel Samples

Mass spectrometry-based proteomic profiling and analysis of samples in non-gel formats. Quantitative analyses are not included in these items (see Global Proteomic Profiling below, for quantitative assays).

Catalog No. Instrument LC-MS/MS Gradient Time Cost
131 LTQ Velos 30 min $150
133 Q-Exactive 30 min $250

Protein Mapping

Mass spectrometry-based multi-enzyme proteomic profiling and analysis of a purified protein such as a therapeutic antibody or any relatively pure protein. The target protein is enzymatically digested with trypsin, chymotrypsin and elastase to maximize sequence coverage. On the LTQ Velos each digestion is analyzed by a separate LC-MS/MS assay. On the Q-Exactive the high mass accuracy and high resolution measurements allow the digestion products to be mixed and analyzed in a single LC-MS/MS assay.

Catalog No. Instrument LC-MS/MS Gradient Time Cost
141 LTQ Velos 3x 30 min $500
142 Q-Exactive 30 min $500

De Novo Protein Assembly

Sequence a purified protein with no reference sequence required. Multiple enzymes are used to create overlapping fragments along the length of the protein sequence. Each fragment is characterized de novo via tandem mass spectrometry on a Q-Exactive. The de novo sequences are then assembled into a full length protein sequence. This assembled sequence is validated using standard digestion and LC-MS/MS sequencing approaches to confirm the finding. we can generally obtain over 90% sequence coverage.

Catalog No. Instrument LC-MS/MS Gradient Time Cost
151 Q-Exactive Special $5,000

Global Proteomic Profiling, $1000 Proteome

Mass spectrometry-based global, unbiased shotgun proteomic profiling and analysis to generate identifications and relative quantities for thousands of proteins.

Catalog No. Instrument Separation Mode Fractions LC-MS/MS Gradient Time Cost
101 Q-Exactive LC-MS/MS 1 1 hour $400
102 Q-Exactive LC-MS/MS 1 2 hours $700
103 Q-Exactive LC-MS/MS 1 4 hours $1,000
104 Q-Exactive LC-LC-MS/MS 2 8 hours $2,000
105 Q-Exactive LC-LC-MS/MS 4 16 hours $3,000
106 Q-Exactive LC-LC-MS/MS 6 24 hours $6,000

Targeted Proteomic Assays

Targeted assays are performed on a Q-Exactive quadrupole-Orbitrap mass spectrometer using high resolution and accurate mass scans for sensitive, specific, reproducible quantitation. Two quantitation modes are available. Multiplexed single ion monitoring (SIM) achieves the highest levels of sensitivity and is appropriate for analyte targets present in a low- to medium-complexity background. Parallel reaction monitoring (PRM) fragments target analytes via HCD and quantifies based on the peak areas measured from the fragment ion intensities. Measurement of fragment ions improves specificity and enables measurement of target analytes in high complexity matrices.

Assays may be run label-free to generate relative quantitative measurements or against stable isotope labeled peptides to generate absolute quantitative measurements. Please inquire for pricing.

Enrichment Services

Enrich or deplete specific proteins or classes of proteins to reduce sample complexity and specifically profile proteins of interest. Prices valid only when used in conjunction with follow-on mass spectrometry services listed above.

Catalog No. Method Setup Fee Fee per Sample
201 Albumin Depletion - human $250 $50
202 Albumin & IgG Depletion - human $250 $50
203 Human Plasma Top 12 Depletion $200 $50
204 Phosphoprotein Enrichment $250 $50
205 Phosphopeptide Enrichment - TiO2 $750 $250
206 Membrane Protein Enrichment $250 $50
207 Nuclear/Cytoplasmic Protein Enrichment $250 $50
208 Mitochondria Enrichment $250 $50
209 Protein precipitation/concentration (> 10 mL) $—- $100
Mass Spectrometry Analysis