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Global Proteomic Profiling

Protein identification and quantitation in a few hours from a few micrograms of protein by UPLC-MS/MS utilizing Orbitrap mass spectrometry.

GeLC-MS/MS express

Protein identification in gel by LC-MS/MS from $100. Simple, rapid, very fast turn-around.

Protein Characterizaion

Rapid, iterative, exhaustive sequencing of proteins and protein complexes. Ideal for use with affinity purified samples, antibodies or other biotherapeutics, and recombinant proteins.

Proteome Cluster

Secure Data Storage

Never lose data again. Upload raw data, download processed data and reports throughout the analysis pipeline. Add attachments to your projects.

Easy to Customize

Create your own search parameters and workflows. Rapidly sort and filter results to pull out proteins and peptides of interest.

Automated Data Analysis

Scriptable cloud infrastructure makes quick work of your raw data, rapidly finding features, searching, comparing and producing reports.

Share Your Data

Easily share your data with your colleagues down the hall or around the world.


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