Proteome Cluster Case Study on Amazon AWS

March 25, 2011

Proteome Cluster was recently featured on Amazon AWS as a case study in the use of high performance computing for proteomic applications.

Proteome Cluster is a web-based, high-performance computing application that allows users to launch multiple, dedicated, scalable compute clusters for searching tandem mass spectrometry data. This permits rapid interrogation of proteomic datasets. Imagine launching ten 64-core clusters at the same time! Proteome Cluster makes it possible. Clusters are composed of Amazon AWS compute cluster nodes. Each node contains dual, eight-core Intel Xeon CPUs. Standard searches are completed in minutes. And because clusters are scalable - you specify the number of nodes to use - even the most instensive searches can be completed in a matter of hours. Users only pay for what they use - after a search completes the cluster shuts down, keeping costs to a minimum.

For more information about Proteome Cluster, visit our product page.

Read the case study here.

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